Wiring / Cabling Solutions

If your voice & data are the lifeblood of your company, then your business’s wiring and cabling would be the veins and arteries that carry that information. Deficient or aged wiring and cabling can slow your network performance. Unfortunately, many businesses believe that a slower moving network means that their network structure or PCs are outdated and need to be replaced.

Subsequently, many businesses are spending thousands of dollars on capital equipment when the issue might have been resolved for hundreds of dollars instead.

e-Nable Business Solutions’ free I.T. Health Check can assess your business’s wiring and cabling infra-structure. We specialize in:

  • Optical Fiber-Single & Multi mode
  • CAT 3, 5, 5E, & proposed CAT 6 & 7

Contact us to schedule your business’s I.T. Health Check today!